Unknown and Unfinished
A symphonic theatrical and visual arts project by Ricardo Luna

2 July 2022

This exciting project is a collaboration between Ricardo Luna, Bolton Symphony Orchestra, The BMS Singers and BCMCS Choral. It will culminate in a concert performance of transcriptions and reconstructions of unfinished works by Bruckner which have been completed by Ricardo Luna. Bolton Symphony Orchestra will perform the world premiere of a number of previously unheard extracts of unfinished pieces of Bruckner. The concert will also include Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony.


Ricardo Luna is a conductor, musicologist, singer and composer of Argentinian descent who lives and works in Vienna. He is currently the Capellmeister of St Charles Cathedral in Vienna and performs regularly in many of the churches and cathedrals.  Ricardo has studied the works of Bruckner in depth and has concentrated much of his musicology work on bringing to life the unknown and unfinished works of Bruckner which encompasses both the symphonic and choral repertoire. Ricardo is in contact with the Bruckner Society in America who have announced that he is preparing a new CD of the unknown works.  They are awaiting this recording following a previous recording of arrangements for Chamber Orchestra which was very well received and was sold internationally.

The concert will be presented as a short monologue in the form of a play, with Anton Bruckner personified by an actor who will share his compositional processes, and musical experiences and intentions with the audience. A live recording of the concert will be made on the night.



Bruckner Sketches of unfinished symphonies

Bruckner Reconstruction of Symphony No 9

Schubert Symphony No 8 in B Minor (Unfinished)

Bruckner Psalm 150

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